20+ of the Best Bootstrap Admin Templates for Your Next Project

If you’re considering starting a project like a web app or website that requires an admin dashboard, then this collection of Bootstrap admin templates will be a great starting point! Bootstrap is a free and open-source JavaScript framework that contains a whole lot of ready-made code to help you create things.

When you use these templates, you’ll find a number of pre-built components you can pick from and include as you wish in your projects. From charts, buttons and tables to calendars, forms and icons – you don’t need to code them from scratch. Besides, you can add even a single element to an existing website too. These Bootstrap admin templates will save you time and money, and they are suitable for any device.

What’s helpful about these templates is that they come with multiple layouts for your dashboards and they are ready to be used as is. Or, you can customize them freely if you feel like it.

Most of these Bootstrap admin templates come with online demos, so you can see them in action before committing to any particular one.

— Read on www.codeinwp.com/blog/bootstrap-admin-templates/amp/

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